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    Stories told by our enthusiastic families

    The Night Nanny is a lifesaver! My now 4 month old cuteness was a very fussy baby and being an expat in Amsterdam, I could not count on my extended family to help us with our little boy. I was recommended TNN by my midwife and boy, was it a game changer! I was lucky to get Joanne, one of the owners to take care of my boy and she is amazing. Calm, collected,professional and very easygoing. It is not a cheap solution, but a good night sleep in the early days is worth thousand time more! :) I definitelyrecommend TNN to all of the exhausted mommas in Amsterdam. One night of good sleep and you see the world in whole new colours :)​

    Would absolutely recommend the folks at Night Nanny Amsterdam. We had a need to travel over some of a week and the weekend. Friends and family weren't able to cover. The women who helped were exceptionally professional and friendly. The kids loved them, everything went off without a hitch and we'd absolutely recommend their services to any others, like us, who need help in a pinch.

    The night nanny was easy to contact, provided a reliable nanny with experience who was easy to contact both before and during. We were able to leave our baby with her without fear.

    Leo bonded with our nanny immediately. I trusted her immediately.


    You guys were communicative and great <3