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    Reasons to book in The Night Nanny!

    Hooray, twins!

    Jan and Marie signed up to The Night Nanny two months ago. When their twins were discharged from the hospital, the time had come to properly start enjoying them – or so they thought. But the twins needed a lot of attention at night, leaving Jan and Marie exhausted during the day. On top of that, Jan had to return to work, which increased the burden for Marie. At the end of their rope, Jan and Marie turned to The Night Nanny. The nanny helped them out three nights per week, and occasionally during the day as well. This allowed Marie to get some sorely needed rest and to actually enjoy her time with her babies. Jan was happy to see his wife return to her old, energetic self.

    It’s okay to get help

    Mara is having trouble coping. She gave birth to her son six weeks ago. He is perfectly healthy, but cries a lot. She is often up all night trying to settle him. She spends most days inside, worried that the unfamiliar noises outside will overstimulate him. And even if she wanted to, she is too tired to go out. Mara’s husband decided to reach out to The Night Nanny. Mara was reluctant at first; she wasn’t sure how she felt about the idea of someone else caring for her child. But after a pleasant first meeting with the nanny, she agreed to give it a try. The nanny’s extensive experience gave her peace of mind. Very quickly, things changed for the better: the nanny brought about a healthier sleeping pattern for both Mara and her baby, as well as providing handy tips and advice. The family are grateful that peace has returned to the house, and Mara feels confident and rested enough to go out again.

    More time for each other

    Leander and Marcel are the proud parents of a little girl, a healthy baby who is developing well. They are incredibly happy with her, but after a couple of weeks they began to feel as though they were losing their identities – they had become ‘just’ parents. Time for a change! They booked a night nanny for a fixed evening and night each week. Now they go out for dinner and enjoy each other’s company, or just have an early night and a nice sleep-in. Wonderful!

    Special care

    Alex’s daughter was born with a genetic disorder. Although she doesn’t need specific medical care, she does require a great deal of attention, time and energy. For months, Alex and his wife have been handling the nights themselves: getting in and out of bed, settling the baby, feeding, walking around trying to soothe her. Alex says it feels good to take care of their own daughter – but it was time to admit that they also need some time for themselves. They book a night nanny for two fixed nights per week, allowing them to recharge their batteries so that they have the energy to care for their daughter during the day again.

    A night away from home, a trip abroad, shift work or an important job interview the next day – you name it!


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