• Our fees

    The Night Nanny charges a mediation fee per service for the selection, provision and quality assurance of our night nannies.

    For the nights, we have combined this into a single hourly rate.


    We specialise in overnight and evening babysitting services on a fixed or flexible basis.

    Night Nanny


    1 baby: €16 per hour

    2 babies: €15 per hour


    We take a personal approach. We believe it is very important to meet our families face to face. That way we can discuss your needs and wishes in person and make the best possible match between your family and one of our nannies.


    We would love to drop by to talk about your wishes.


    We charge a one-time registration fee to start using our services. This includes the intake in your home.



    Evening Nanny


    1 baby: €16 per hour

    2 babies: €15 per hour

    1 time registration fee €95

    Premium Package

    Looking for extra care? Would you like to book more than 10 nights per month? Need a nanny during the day as well? Does your child have special needs? We’d be happy to come up with a tailored solution for you! Plan an intake with us and receive a personalised proposal



    After the intake you will receive a personalised proposal

    Terms and Conditions

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