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    First aid course for babies and children (3 hours)

    Our first aid advice for parents and carers covers a whole range of conditions and techniques, from putting an infant who is unresponsive but breathing into the recovery position to dealing with a choking child. This is an interactive course where you can ask questions and raise your own concerns, so you go home with the answers you’ve been looking for as well as a range of essential skills.

    Sleep consultant: sleep coaching for babies and toddlers

    We work with you to create a unique, tailored plan for your family, taking into consideration your child's age, medical needs and temperament as well as family dynamics. Your child will not be left to cry it out alone!

    Information for expats in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Family Assistance is here so you don’t have to rely on new friends or coworkers for help. We provide essential guidance and help you adjust to your new life in Amsterdam. We can answer any question you may have – big or small, night or day, 24/7.

    Maternity Care

    Our maternity nurses will give you and your family the best start possible. The nurse closely monitors your recovery and your baby’s health, and points you in the right direction to develop your new routine in the postnatal period. We give you the confidence you need to take care of, feed and get to know your baby.

    Amsterdam Mamas

    Community of mothers in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Mamas is here for every parent in the city who has ever wanted to feel more informed and supported as they raise their family. Because even in the city, it takes a village.

    On pregnancy and sustainability

    The website that helps you to experience your pregnancy and maternity period in a conscious way – from beautiful, sustainable products to practical information.

    Pregnancy yoga and hypnotherapy

    The House of Balance now offers its successful pregnancy yoga course in English! This course has been running for five years in Dutch, with many satisfied clients: women who look forward to giving birth using the techniques they learn in this pregnancy yoga course. The course combines pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation exercises, active yoga and useful information on pregnancy and labour. You will be familiarised with the childbirth procedure in Dutch hospitals and alternative options in the Netherlands. Our carefully designed programme provides you with tools to build confidence and trust through all stages of your pregnancy.